Rachel Catton is a contemporary artist from Liverpool, currently based in Berlin. She holds an MA and BA in fine art from Manchester Metropolitan and Lancaster Universities and has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Berlin and in the UK. She works with oil and acrylic paint on canvas using a vivid colour palette, employing a variety of techniques to create a unique visual language.

Artist Statement - “My work stems from the tradition of abstract expressionist painting, yet also consists of conceptual layers and contemporary art-historical references. I play with the interpretation of works as a subject, and how this is metaphorical for the types of narratives we tell ourselves and live by, believing them to be true while they’re often entirely individual. With a long term interest in the fields of movement and language, I think of the paintings as being traces of movement and time as well as being experiential works. They act as palimpsests with the viewer creating a next layer of meaning by the act of stepping in front of, and engaging with the work - deciphering their original script. The paintings can often seem to be on the border between abstraction and something which is more suggestive of objects or movement in an atmospheric, physical space. Through the combination of expressive marks, geometric elements and rhythmic patterns, my hope is to bring the viewer to a place of feeling engaged both in a physical and emotional response, to evoke a sense of vitality as well as to invoke an awareness of their meaning-making being an individual, perhaps momentary, yet entirely valid interpretation.”